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Valuline is a product from the analytic minds of two highly-educated and accomplished men who share a lifelong love of horse racing. Their objective: to find a way to gain an edge over the betting public.

Read news, reviews and FAQs plus get free daily selections from the Valuline web site.

  • Features
    Key features of this product include

    • Excellent Odds Line
    Odds line based on each horse's statistical probability of winning the race.

    • Scientific Based
    Computer-based econometric model using traditional and unique handicapping factors.

    • Pace Analysis
    Analyzes all the pace lines of every horse in each race.

    • Hot Handicappers
    Check out who's been on fire recently in the Hot Handicappers section of the site.

    • Daily Free Selections
    Get selected analysis for various tracks in the TrackMaster Players Club absolutely free.

  • Pricing
    Billing options for this product
    • A la carte - No minimums, billed as used
      • single card $10.00
    • Unlimited subscription - No overages, unlimited usage
      • 1 month $299.95
      • 3 months $819.95
      • 6 months $1569.95
      • 12 months $2999.95
  • Details
    Information and explanations about this product
    • Detailed Description