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RDSS-Racing Decision Support System™ is the Modern Sartin Methodology and it's available NOW to the general public. RDSS is based on a full-race analysis of the horse's velocity, pace and incremental energy disbursement and deceleration.

RDSS is comprised of three key components:

Software - Professionally designed application with free 30 day evaluation. License required.
Support - Annual license fee gives free upgrades and support from the developer.
Data - Choose the Past Performance Only or Past Performances & Charts product.

  • Features
    Key features of this product include

    • Early vs Late Energy Analysis
    Using detailed pace and final time compounded velocity figures, variant adjusted.

    • Accurate Odds Line
    Bottom Line/Betting Line odds line and contender ranking.

    • Real Time Odds
    The software boasts a live connection to the toteboard for up to the minute data.

    • Fast & Flexible Interface
    Auto download and export module for sending decision modelling data to spreadsheets.

  • Pricing
    Billing options for this product
    • A la carte - No minimums, billed as used
      • single card $2.00
    • Regular subscription - 20 downloads per calendar month, overages $1.25 each
      • 1 month $30.00
      • 3 months $82.50
      • 6 months $153.75
      • 12 months $300.00
    • Unlimited subscription - No overages, unlimited usage
      • 1 month $120.00
      • 3 months $324.95
      • 6 months $609.95
      • 12 months $1200.00
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  • Software
    This product may require the following software

    Step 1.  Review the RDSS Getting Started page at the Sartin Methodology PaceandCap.com website. This introduction to RDSS explains how to download the software and demo data, and reviews the TrackMaster data pricing and the annual RDSS software subscription.

    Step 2.  Watch as many tutorial videos as possible.  This is where you see RDSS in use, learn how to retrieve data, navigate the software and begin the handicapping analysis process.

    Step 3.  Register at the Sartin Methodology PaceandCap.com website.  Registration gives you free access to the extensive Sartin Methodology Library including all issues of the Follow Up journal, older manuals and audio seminars from 25 years of the Sartin Methodology plus technical and educational support.  You need to Register before you can download the RDSS software.

    Step 4.  Request access to the RDSS software download. Send an email to support@sartinmethodology.com with your name and your PaceandCap registered user name and we'll get back to you, usually within a few hours, 1 day at the latest.

    Step 5. Download, install and register the RDSS software.  Evaluate it free for 30 days, including the extensive demo database of 5000+ races, then subscribe to the software for just $100 per year.

    Step 6.  When you're ready to handicap live races, you'll need a TrackMaster RDSS data plan, either PPs only or PPs plus full charts.  Use the built-in RDSS data centre module to download race files from TrackMaster.

    Step 7.Subscribe to the RDSS Software.  Just $100 per year after your free 30 day evaluation, the annual software license covers all upgrades, bug fixes and technical support.

  • Help
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