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Performance Cycles

TrackMaster Performance Cycles provides a clear, concise, graphical look at the history of a horse's performances, with insights regarding how well the horse should perform today.

If you're used to other "sheets" type products, you're going to love this!

  • Features
    Key features of this product include

    • Performance Ratings
    Calculated using a complex algorithm to rate a horse's past efforts.

    • Short & Long Term Cycles
    Graphs providing a view of the cycles over the last twelve months and last four years.

    • Composite Ratings
    A total of four ratings (last, best, good and projected) with rankings for each horse.

    • Running/Break Styles
    Reports include Thoroughbred running styles and Quarter Horse break styles.

  • Pricing
    Billing options for this product
    • A la carte - No minimums, billed as used
      • single card $10.00
    • Regular subscription - 20 downloads per calendar month, overages $5.00 each
      • 1 month $99.95
      • 3 months $279.95
      • 6 months $529.95
      • 12 months $999.95
    • Unlimited subscription - No overages, unlimited usage
      • 1 month $299.95
      • 3 months $819.95
      • 6 months $1569.95
      • 12 months $2999.95
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