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Pace Past Performances

TrackMaster Pace Past Performances takes a detailed look at all aspects of the pace of the races by including various internal fractional times as well as individual fractional speed ratings on the past performance lines.

In addition to many features of our standard and platinum past performances, these printed race programs feature complete pace information not found anywhere else.

  • Features
    Key features of this product include

    • Landscape Print Format
    Designed to comfortably fit pace information into the traditional race program format.

    • Speed & Class Ratings
    Exclusive speed & class ratings help you quickly and easily handicap the races.

    • Individual Horse Splits
    Actual split times for each horse’s 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 on the past performance lines.

    • Fractional Speed Ratings
    Individual ratings are calculated for each fraction of the race when possible.

    • Pace Figures & Styles
    Fractional speed ratings and positional calls are averaged separately for each quarter and then ranked to help indicate a horse’s racing style and ability.

    • Platinum Features
    Includes many features of the Platinum Past Performances such as power ratings, yearling prices, stud fees, auction results, claims, trainer changes, result chart & race replay links.

  • Pricing
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    • A la carte - No minimums, billed as used
      • single card $3.00
    • Unlimited subscription - No overages, unlimited usage
      • 1 month $59.95
      • 3 months $164.95
      • 6 months $314.95
      • 12 months $599.95
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