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Turf Club Analysts Help Guide

The Turf Club Analysts have made it easy for you to make more money at the track by giving you race ratings, race commentary, a choice plays list and specific wagers for each race. Here are the details of the reports:

Race Ratings

Races are rated from one to four coins.

One coin - Should be passed or just have small token bets thrown at them.

Two coin - Worth some money, especially if the odds are higher on our contenders than expected.

Three coin - Prime races, be sure to play any straight wagers and exotics that are recommended.

Four coin - Best bets on the card, play everything we give you and bet more to try and score big.

Race Commentary

Choice Plays - Provides insights into the Turf Club Analysts choice plays for each race. Class, condition, pace and speed figures, pace analysis and numerous pertinent angles are all thrown into the mix. Takes the group's input to supply profitable analysis of the races on any given card.

Vulnerable Contenders - Examines the 'vulnerable contenders' of the race. Always looking to toss out low odds horses that don't quite cut the mustard valuewise. Looks for flaws in conditioning, negative pace set-ups, etc. Specializes in finding vulnerable favorites. Horses advised against may win, but rarely at an 'acceptable' price.

Supporting Contributions: (Comments only appear in certain races)

The Brain - The 'nerd' of the bunch. Has yet to be seen without a computer in his immediate vicinity. Quiet and reserved, but when he talks people listen (you should too). He is one smart cookie and has provided brilliant insights to the entire group.

Winston - The biggest bettor of the bunch and lets his money do the talking rather than his mouth. Only makes a couple strong plays a day, which are tied into his favorite angles.

The Turf Man - Easy going type of guy. Has some pet angles and specializes in turf races. (There aren't too many turf races on a card so he can concentrate on those races more closely.) His opinion is always valued if a grass race is to be had.

Hal - Straight talking, number crunching handicapper. Concentrates on the Equibase Pace and Speed Figures in his analysis. Looks for various patterns in the numbers. He is an ace handicapper.

Recommended Wagers

Straight Wagers

We give you the straight wagers that we think are going to be worthwhile versus the risk involved. Make sure you're getting the minimum odds we advise you to take, otherwise, don't make the play.

Exotic Wagers (Exactas, Trifectas, Superfectas & Super High Fives):

We're going to give you some exotics to play in most of the races. We make these picks economical, so if you're a big bettor (like some of us), buy multiple tickets on these bets. Be sure not to miss these plays in the three and four coin races!

Other Wagers

Some of you may like to play daily doubles, pick threes and even the pick 6. You can use our list of choice plays for these bets. Be sure to key top picks if we recommend a straight wager on them. The Money In The Vault Horse is always a good 'single' in the serial exotic wagers.

Today's Money In The Vault Horse

This is the horse we believe is the most likely winner on the card. Most of the time the race will have a rating of four coins or three coins. These are the best bets of the day. If the race has a one coin rating it is usually because the horse has low morning-line odds and is obvious to everyone at the track. These types of horses can still be used as a 'single' in the serial bets.

Today's Live Longshot

This is the horse most likely to make an impact at big odds. These horses are always a threat to hit the board at a nice price.

If you're not following Today's Money In The Vault Horse and Today's Live Longshot of the day, you're making a big mistake. Now that you know all about the reports, take them out to your favorite race track or satellite facility and impress your buddies with your handicapping prowess.